7 Dollar Essay is the most reliable writing services available on the internet right now. I had stumbled upon many sites that offer the same services but none of them matches their quality and the level of their services they offer. This was my first time I had the pleasure of availing the services of 7 Dollar Essay and according to all the positive reviews that I heard from my friends and seen on different channels on the internet, this site delivered. My college life could have been a lot easier if 7 Dollar Essay would have existed back then as I had to write about 7000 words of an essay on a weekly basis which was a strenuous task to do so. I used 7 Dollar Essay’s services to complete my workplace research papers (which was highly appreciated by my seniors) and now writing a review so that others (especially students) may know about the excellent writing services they can be availed at an affordable price.

Services Review

An advantageous part of availing their services is that they provide writing services for all fields and subject at one place so you will not have to hassle over finding new sites for different subjects. They have 40+ different writing services from academic to article writing, they have it all. Nevertheless, even after having availed just a single one of those, and by receiving the end material in a professional way. I am assured that the rest of their services will also be exceptional. The affordable prices that they offer, along with the high-quality services are incomparable and outdo any competition in the content writing market.


Their prices are no secret to anyone. Their prices are exactly what their domain name exhibit, “7 Dollar Essay” advertises to be. Though they do not offer any discounts, their prices are still affordable as it is. There is no place, whether on the internet or off it, which offers such high-quality services, with this level of inexpensiveness which make their prices unbeatable, incomparable, and simply just affordable. I have been on many different sites, comparing prices and services but, none had the combination of best prices and high-quality services other than 7 Dollar Essay and therefore, I recommend this site to students, as they want to avail services on a tight budget.

Professional Writers:

7 Dollar Essay has a team of creative, innovative, and visionary writers who can produce original and unique content on any given subject and field. 7 Dollar Essay connected me with their writers through email, as soon as the order form was filled with the required personal details and information related to the essay or the content I wanted to be written. I prefer and consider it better to hire 7 Dollar Essay to complete all my assignments and papers, rather than going through a hassle of hiring a writer myself, be it on a freelancing platform or any other site. Because, it takes a lot of time to assess from, all the different bids and all the different writers to hire and then having a constant tension and headache of nonresponsive replies of those writers. Even when they do submit, it is either with a higher level of plagiarism or with a large number of grammatical mistakes and then we have to ask them again and again to rectify the mistakes, which takes up a lot of time and usually crosses the deadline. With 7 Dollar Essay, you just have to order and then relax. The writing team of 7 Dollar Essay is a professional team of writers, who listens and meets every details and requirement of your project. They always keep you updated on the daily progress of the project and then deliver before the deadline without any plagiarism or grammatical error.

The Ordering and the Payment method at 7 Dollar Essay:

The site 7 Dollar Essay being easily accessible and user-friendly, has the simplest order form, which can be filled in a matter of minutes. To order from 7 Dollar Essay you have to provide them with some personal details and the details of the content you want to be written, like the level of the quality of the content and the word limit that should not be exceeded and also the writing style that should be optimized for the content.

After providing all the information of the content you want to be written, 7 Dollar Essay then emails you with the details of the content you require, with a Paypal account for the confirmation of your order. As soon as the payment is made, 7 Dollar Essay sends us a second email, connecting us with their best writer to handle the project.

Refund Policy

Unlike many different sites, 7 Dollar Essay has a stable and justified set of rules and regulations to maintain high-quality experience for their every customer. Their refund policy ensures and works on building trust with their customers. Their refund policies cover everything from getting a “bad grade” to not being provided with the required content or even getting the required content after the deadline. Even after using 7 Dollar Essay’s writing services just once, I received prompt delivery of my project but it was reassuring to have policies that can cover up if mishaps are ever to occur.

Reviews from around the World:

Among many essay-writing platforms available on the internet, it is hard to differentiate between the scamming sites and the sites that actually deliver. To know the authenticity of a website, it is better to check for reviews provided by other customers of a certain site. Even for 7 Dollar Essay, a lot of reviews from different customers from around the world are available on Google, Site-jabber, and Trust-pilot. It is reasonable to say that more than 97% of the reviews give 7 Dollar Essay a 5-star rating and a positive review.

The reason for my review:

Amongst all the different content writing services, 7 Dollar Essay has overall been the most convenient site to use so far. The reason for this big of a review for 7 Dollar Essay is my way of appreciating the services they provide. I have never been more satisfied with any other content writing service, because all I had to do was order from there and then submit the project to my office, never worried or hassled with them about anything in between. I recommend this site to students and everyone else in need of a writing service; they provide content in every field and subject and always meet the deadlines set.



  1. Sean Mcgill says:

    More Professional academic writing service at very cheap prices, always got non plagiarize essay and got good marks with the help of 7dollaressay writers.

    Thank You,
    Expert Team

  2. Jon calos says:

    Best Experience in writing plagiarism free Essay by 7dollar essay writer thanks to your review guide to find best one for my project.

  3. William Garcia says:

    Help me with my two assignments, never found a single flaw. They have the best rates and delivery timing I have ever seen. I am highly satisfied with them.


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