E-Books vs. Textbooks: Which Is Right for Students in 2021?

Undoubtedly, we have entered the most revolutionized and digitalized era- a bright and developed face of the world is now here. But this advanced era possesses a darker side too. The extreme use of internet and developed gadgets are benefitting the people but have brought a damage to the learning skills of students as well.
This has made students habitual of using internet to the extreme that could lead to benefits and disadvantages both. A phenomenal upward surge in the digital gadgets and students studying via the videos and recorded lectures points the demise of printed textbooks.
Studying online via PDFs and video lectures has become a norm due to the global pandemic and now when educational institutes are resuming back- it can get a pretty exhausting for students, parents, and even teachers as well.
In this article, you will have a deep insight of how e-books have replaced the textbooks. But before that we will have a quick review of e-books.
E-Book is the abbreviation of Electronic Book. This is a digital version or a PDF version of the printed books that have more interactive features. Also, the e-books offer the user an offline mode and the user can access the book even when you are not connected with the internet.
Within the past few years, e-books have become one of the most vital components of the publishing industry. They are providing the benefit of being accessible from any corner of the world however; they can never be the replacement of paper books!
Today, the students are surrounded with the digital gadgets including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They are unable to understand the nostalgic feeling of paper books. There are hundreds of readers who love to have the feel of print books.
You can hold it in your hand, turn the pages, and can feel the paper- an irreplaceable charm of printed books!
Since after amazon kindle and Wattpad kind of applications, several companies are looking forward to hire eBook writer who can create excellent eBooks either it is a fiction, a novel, poetry, or even a syllabus related textbook.
Textbooks and printed books are always going to lead the future towards the success. This is due to the fact that paper book turns on the creativity of the person and he gets completely indulge into the writing of the book. Those people who love to read the books spend their whole life acquiring wonderful books.
Be it novel or a fiction, programming language or social sciences, the written textbooks have a separate fanbase and this is completely classy!
I won’t disagree with the idea that the eBooks have simply changed the face of spreading education. You have got a complete package of information right on your fingertips.
In this competitive era, the textbooks and printed books would be the right choice for the students in 2021. I have several reasons to support my argument that textbooks are always better than the eBooks. Have a look at some of the reason below;
More enjoyable and better to stay with the plot:
The textbooks in hands are going to give you a pretty joyful feeling that is simply unexplainable. Your experience of reading a book will become more enjoyable and you will give yourself a break from looking at the screen.
The paper textbooks are also wonderful in keeping you interacted with the story. Just place your bookmark wherever you want to stop and resume it back from there. Also, eBooks are not recommended at all for a wonderful reading experience ever!
Live longer:
Your paper books are going to stay with you as long as you would be taking care of them. Make sure that you are turning the pages and it must not be torn out.
In this way, the books are going to live a longer life. In the upcoming years, the format of eBook will keep on changing which can make your eBook go useless. Book will stay the same forever even after 25 years!
A memory:
The written textbooks, novels, and paper books are wonderful at bringing you back thousands of memories.
Whatever you would be investing in your textbook today, it will hop back to you in the future. Book is a memory, smartphone and eBook formats can never defeat it.
Students’ vote is with textbooks:
Several professional writers from book marketing services concluded in their reports that a huge number of students supports to have a textbook with them while studying.
This shows that the students feel far easier to read from the textbooks as compared to the e-Book.
E-books- damage to health and money:
E-books are not affordable always. You have to invest a good amount of money to get it. Once you have purchased it, now you cannot sell it.
Also, from the perspective of health, e-books are highly dangerous. They are hazardous to the eye sight and can make your eyes weak with constant screen staring.
E-books take up a lot of space:
Paper books are heavy to carry? I agree!
E-books are also heavy for your device as they eat up a lot of space in your phones and tablets making the performance slower.
Textbooks are reliable:
Textbooks are reliable to keep and you can read them whenever you want, but carrying a book with yourself is a must.
About e-books, you can never be sure if they are going to stay readable in the other formats as well.
Textbooks can be used to benefit some other students:
E-books have another bigger disadvantage as they can’t be sold out. Once you have purchased an eBook, it is yours and you cannot forward it.
You cannot even resell your eBook. But when it comes to paper book, it is easy to lend it to somebody who is not able to buy it at the moment. Your paper printed textbooks are wonderful at giving benefits to other students.
This comprehensive guide is enough to prove that choosing textbooks and paper books over the e-Books is definitely going to bring a win-win situation to the student. No matter the era, students must stay glued with the textbooks and printed books; this will elevate their learning power for sure!