12 Easy Stress Buster Tips for College Students

“Worry is misuse of the imagination” -Dan Zadra

Student’s life is a golden period in everyone’s life, as it is a time when you are free from other responsibilities and have fun and exciting time with your friends. However, according to the study by the American Psychological Association (APA).

It has been found that the teens have high level of stress that is equal to that of an adult. The reason may vary from jam-packed schedule, exams, assignment deadlines or simply worrying about the future. Stress can be a slow poison that can lead to severe health issues. So here we are with some easy stress buster tips to make your life better.

Get in Order

When you keep procrastinating your work and things start getting piled up, it eventually leads to anxiety and stress. Moreover, it makes your quality and productivity of your work low and affects your academic performance. Hence, make a timeline and get everything in order that what is the deadline of all the tasks and then start doing it still having time in your hands. It will help you in achieving new heights in your class as well as staying stress-free.

Music Brighten ups the Mood

It has been observed that when you listen to good music, your mind starts relaxing and forgets all the problems that were making you worry. The mind gets into a better frame and your mood will brighten up. You can also opt for a piece of classical music while studying or chose upbeat music to wake up mentally. Slow melodies also are a great source as they give soothing vibes and the negativity and anxiety go away.

Live in the Present

It’s important that you live in the present rather than stressing about what is going to happen in the future. A lot of research papers can be seen on the site of PhD writing services, regarding stressing and its causes. In which thinking about the future is one of the most common reasons. So in order to stay relax and stress-free it’s important that you be thankful for what you have achieved till now.

Express your thoughts to a Friend

Isolating yourself and not socializing can have a very bad impact on your happiness. It’s important that you accept that you are stressed and share it with any of your friends and family members. They could give you sincere advice or even if they don’t just listening can help in reducing the burden on your shoulders.


It’s important that you lead a physically active lifestyle. It’s not necessary that it should be gym sessions and weight lifting, a brisk walk or a bike ride could also help in racing your heartbeat and releasing the hormone endorphin. It can lighten up your mood and have a positive impact on your mental health. You can also involve in activities like hiking, dancing, basketball, and boxing. Whatever may interest you can be a source of your happiness.

Me Time

The activities you do to make you feel relax and happy at a particular time is considered as me time. It really helps in making you happy and cheerful that would help you come out from all the stress. People opt for different activities like reading, writing that may be in a form of a novel, blog or research paper writing, watching favorite Netflix shows, and many more. Therefore, it’s important you take out time for the activities that make you feel contented and at peace.

Good Sleep

Sleep is very important for every individual as it acts as a medicine. Even taking a small 20-minutes nap can help in increasing productivity. Students spend most of their time on social media websites answering text chatting and scrolling on social websites. Socializing is all good and fun until it becomes overwhelming and tiring. Hence, leading to sleep deprivation, which can make the person stressed.

Healthy Lifestyle

You are what you eat, so focusing on a healthy diet is very important. As it helps in boosting your brainpower. A good diet can function both as a stress management technique and a study aid. Nevertheless, if your diet is not up to the mark it can lead to mental breakdown and health issues including diet-related mood swings, light-headedness, and more.

Be Optimistic

You must have heard this saying that think good and good will happen. It has been observed that optimists actually experience better circumstances. As their positive thinking leads to positive results. It can help you in bringing better health, better relationships, and, yes, better grades. It would work as magic if you are able to train your mind for positive self-talk and believing that you would definitely have a bright future and success.

Have a Good Laugh

It is scientifically proven that when you have a good laugh your oxygen level and blood flow increase which automatically reduces stress. As not taking everything to heart and having not too series life would make your life much easier. Takeout time from your isolated life and take breaks. Spend time with our friends and family members and believe that you can do as much as you want in life without taking stress.

Break From Social Sites

In today’s time, every individual can be seen on social media. The age may vary from a teenager to an old citizen. The thing that triggers stress and anxiety among individuals is the post that people share on their timelines. Comparison oneself with others in term of looks, wealth and productivity that can lead to long term stress and depression.

Visualization can Help

It’s obvious that when we see good imagery and everything beautiful it makes us happy and jubilant. So visualization can help you calm down, get rid of what is stressing you and turn off your body’s stress response. You can be creative by doing some art and implementing them in your studies. It could vividly help you in making your work unique and achieving good grades.

The bottom line is that stressful life makes things jumbled up and vague, leading to wrong decisions and failures. You can opt for the tips mentioned above to make your life easygoing and productive. As stress is nothing but a pressure cooker on your head that would keep on increasing with time.